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Why It Stays Lukewarm.

I am writing this purely as a fan & I won’t make any references to kayfabe like the dirtsheets & other computer wraaastling mafias do.

I was around 5 when my dad showed me Kane fighting inferno matches, and those bouts scared the shit out of me just because of Kane’s mask & his daunting appearance. I started watching wrestling 2 years later hooked on with some WCW as well. Having missed out on the Austin 3:16, I was heavily into The Rock. Austin was one of a kind, trail blazing messiah for the ailing WWE, but Rock was E-lectrifying! (Electrifying)

I saw The Rock and cheered him even during his villain run. Whatever he did, I was a fan. Around that time, The Mummy Returns came out featuring him. Everyone at my school was totally into anything that the Rock did. Around 2003, the number of mainstream appearances & movies kept on increasing. All of his movies were shoved down my throat by the aggressive marketing that the company did. Soon, Rock was gone. No formal announcements, no goodbye speeches. I started looking for a new guy to watch the show for.

Brock Lesnar went past like a bristling wind, along with Goldberg. Evolution was a great stable of 4 villains (Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton) Shawn Michaels had always been there. It took a while for John Cena & Batista to come out of the pack as the new flagbearers of WWE. Cena was also one-of-a-kind with his rapping skills & jorts. By 2005, Cena almost became “the guy” as he completed his draft to Monday Night Raw. I confess I became a believer in his “Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.” until he squared off against Shawn Michaels, that was the point where Cena started getting the boos from the crowds.

From that match, precisely Wrestlemania 23, Cena wasn’t the gushing hero with all the people chanting in his favor. This continued till the time he squared off against Edge. Cena’s hated for the continuously same persona that he exudes. My argument starts here, even The Rock had a line-up of catchphrases up his sleeve that he used to gain an instant reaction from the crowd. Then why target Cena for the monotony?

I continued being a viewer rather than being a fan of a particular superstar until last year (CM Punk’s cult promo) but Cena-Rock did provide for some excitement.

Cena made a few jibes at The Rock that resonated for my feelings for the Rock. He made a few valid points. Rock started his own anti-Cena tirade with constant references to John’s apparel, lifestyle and what not. Slapstick entertainment? Yes. Long term interest? No. They did virtually nothing to build this “Greatest match of all times” until a cameo from the Rock at Survivor Series and few more catchphrases thrusted as arbitrary trending topics on Twitter.

I still couldn’t buy into the real reason behind this feud. It appeared just a one-off match to garner eyeballs, no personal angst as opposed to what they claimed. Kung pao chicken, Rock concert & “Trending worldwide” sucked. The Rock delivered a promo under a statue of Rocky Balboa, that’s where it really started. The Rock gave the reason for winning this, he had to defeat three generations of superstars to become the greatest of all time. This gold was late-found though.

The week after that, Cena and Rock made a great final build. Rock said “I simply don’t like you” at the end of it, I scratched my head again. I still couldn’t figure out the reason why he doesn’t like Cena. This is where this feud fails for me. Cena gave a practical reason for his issues with the Rock. I somehow figured out why this match is important to The Rock but I couldn’t understand why he hates Cena.

I’ll be watchingWrestlemania 28 because I am a year-long viewer and not for this “Clash of titans”. Hope it turns to be as great as it is expected to be.

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